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Do You Need a 408 Review?

Civil works projects are public undertakings, done to support public welfare and funded by taxpayer dollars.Therefore, when direct alterations, or indirect actions that may result in alterations, to civil works projects are contemplated by the USACE or another entity, public or private, the USACE is required by Congress to analyze if the proposed activity could adversely alter the function of the civil works project. If an adverse alteration could occur that would impair the function of a civil works project, the activity proponent must make changes to its activity to significantly reduce or eliminate adverse aspects. The statute requiring this analysis by the USACE is codified at Title 33 of the United States Code at Section 408, hence the shorthand phrase for the analysis, “408 Review”. Successful 408 Review is a threshold approval, and the USACE cannot issue a permit, such as a Section 10 permit for structures in navigable waters or a Section 404 permit for dredge and fill activities, or approve any other permission, such as a real estate outgrant to occupy or use USACE lands, until a 408 Review is completed and an alteration approved.
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5 Tips for Scalable Mobile Data Collection

Data is more important than ever, with some even calling it the new oil. Like oil, it is not something that is readily available and useable. It needs to be found, drilled, and refined before we can productively use its insights. Today, the power gained from your data is proportional to the size and quality of your data sets. A unique challenge for energy infrastructure construction is providing real value from the large volumes of data produced by inspection teams. Having worked in field data collection for years and managed tens of millions of data points, we want to share our insights for those ready to extract value from their field inspections at a meaningful scale.
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7 Lessons We Learned in 2016

As we look ahead to 2017, several PCS subject matter experts reflect on the changes we have seen this past year and their impacts on the future.
1. Fossil Fuels Are Here to Stay
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