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Galveston Corps to Reassess Policies and Procedures for Decommissioning of Pipelines in Place

The Galveston District, COE Regulatory Division, issued a memorandum, effective March 30, 2016, which rescinded the District’s 2001 Pipeline Abandonment Policy. This 2001 policy contained special condition language requiring removal and restoration of pipelines unless the permit holder could demonstrate an overwhelming reason for decommissioning in place.
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Lesser Prairie Chicken Update

PCS’ July 2016 Insights Article noted that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) removed the Lesser Prairie Chicken (LPC) from the threatened and endangered species list.

Fast-forward to September 2016.
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Louisiana to Lift Oyster Moratorium

With the recent passage of two bills by the Louisiana Legislature (HB #902 and HB #1130), the stage has been set to lift a 14 year moratorium on oyster leases and harvesting. The moratorium was put in affect in 2002, after jurors awarded 1.3 billion dollars in damages to oyster fisherman in their suit filed against the state of Louisiana for alleged damages to their leases as a result of the Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion Project.
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