Crude Oil Terminal, 49 CFR 195

Operational Integrity & Regulatory Compliance Experts

Senior-level, compliance & operational integrity subject matter experts.

We support clients by assisting them in identifying weaknesses and gaps within their systems, processes, documentation and reporting, while providing strategic plans to enhance or amend their compliance systems.

Our compliance & integrity team knowledge, skills & abilities span:

  • Programs, Processes & Manuals
  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Programs
  • Integrity Management (IM) Programs
  • Operator Qualification (OQ) Programs
  • Public Awareness Programs
  • Emergency Response & Incident Command
  • Management of Change (MoC)
  • Asset Security
  • Permitting
  • Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

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Our team possesses careers of experience with federal & state regulations, and has contributed to the development of industry standards & practices, through committee positions.  Common qualifications:

  • "Major" Operator Experience
  • 20 to + 35 years in "Industry"
  • Incident Experience
  • Discipline Expertise
  • Passion for Operational Integrity & Safety

Led by our team of senior-level, subject matter experts we provide direction & support to onshore & offshore operators.

Pipe Bend

Construction Assurance

Minimize project delays through compliance experts:  manage PHMSA inspections, QA/QC records & critical documents.
Refined Products Terminal

Operational Integrity Support

Assistance & expertise to execute operational & integrity management plans, reviews, audits & agency filings.
Geospatial Analysis of Potential Impact Radius

Jurisdictional & Gap Analysis

Identify applicable regulations to your pipeline system(s) & methods to meet these requirements.
Hazardous Pipeline Warning Sign

Compliance Program Development

Building executable internal compliance programs & records management structure.
PHMSA Form 7000.1-1 - Annual Reporting

Agency Communications

Guidance & assistance in filing annual reports, NPMS submittals & state filings.
Warning Light for Safety Related Conditions

Agency Action Remediation

Expert leadership in mitigating the exposure & implications of consent decrees, NOPV's & other agency actions.
Capabilities :: Compliance & Integrity