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Management of Change

Because change happens

Change is inevitable. What’s important is that those changes are reviewed, approved, and documented in a consistent, traceable manner. PCS has established robust procedures for Management of Change (MOC) tailored to fit specific projects. The GIS group provides geospatial support to project management and engineering throughout the MOC process.

Including a spatial component for MOCs is invaluable, as it allows the project team to visualize how potential changes will affect the proposed centerline and nearby features. Before an MOC is approved, our GIS analysts assess the area of interest to determine potential impacts on key factors such as class location, high consequence areas, and pipe materials. To further support the decision-makers, we produce custom maps for their reference. Post-approval, the GIS group updates the spatial data and shares it with the engineering and drafting groups.

Management of Change in Pipeline Oil & Gas Infographic

MOC Data Support

GIS manages and tracks MOCs with both tabular and geospatial data.

  • Spreadsheets
  • Shapefiles
  • Geodatabase feature classes
  • KMZs/KMLs
  • Maps
  • And many more
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