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Project Data Management

Facilitating data-driven decision making

PCS’s GIS group provides pre-project support by facilitating feasibility studies, route optimization, risk analysis, and cost estimates. Our custom tools and processes facilitate the storage, reporting, and organization of data for terrestrial, littoral, and offshore projects. We ensure that our client’s data is clean, accurate, and traceable so resources are effectively utilized.

Data Conversion and Migration

Projects pull information from many different sources and formats. To ensure interoperability, geospatial data comparison, conversion, and migration is often necessary. To address this need, the GIS group has developed a number of geoprocessing tools. They allow us to process data in a timely, accurate, and cost-effective manner. We use the tools to identify updates in field survey, prepare data for alignment & profile sheets, and perform many other tasks.

We ensure that you get the information you need, in a format you can use, to get the job done.

GIS geospatial data format infographic

Data-Driven Tools

To facilitate data conversion and migration, we have created the following geoprocessing tools:

  • Add-Delete File Extraction
  • Attribution Comparison
  • Construction Methodology Tick Marks
  • Generate Start-Stop Tick Marks
  • Export Features
  • Update Conversion Data

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