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Survey Data Quality Assurance

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PCS’s GIS group has developed an extensive data quality assurance process to confirm project data meets our clients' standards, permitting conditions, and government regulations. We maintain an open line of communication with surveyors to ensure data is captured accurately, whether for civil base layers or as-built data.

Accurate survey data is necessary for many pre-construction tasks, including alignment & profile sheet generation, safety analysis, and materials orders. As-built quality assurance is performed to verify that constructed pipelines have complete information, are built to expected design, and meet the requirements of landowners and governments.

Our goal is to produce clean, accurate, and traceable data that expedites solutions and provides operators with the information they need to manage the asset through its life cycle.

Survey Types

Our quality assurance process can be implemented with any kind of survey at any phase in a project.

  • Civil
  • Environmental
  • Cultural
  • As-Built

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