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What is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems

GIS is a powerful, multifaceted platform that is leveraged across a variety of industries. It is not just for getting directions to the store or finding the dot marked “You Are Here”. Geospatial analysis is used for everything from crime prediction to disaster management. Much of the analysis is performed with geoprocessing tools, which perform operations on geographic data to yield various results. GIS specialists can create custom geoprocessing tools to automate lengthy processes, solve complicated problems, and answer difficult questions.

Today, GIS has been embraced by the pipeline industry. This comes as no surprise, given the need for spatial analysis in oil and gas exploration, pipeline design and construction, and impact assessment. Aside from map design and data visualization, GIS is also used for data organization, management, and analysis. It is a valuable resource throughout the life cycle of a pipeline, from conception to decommission.

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