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Workspace Development & Analysis

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The PCS GIS group has developed a formalized process for developing and maintaining project workspaces that can be initiated as soon as the routing of the centerline is complete. The advantage of producing workspaces with GIS is that an analyst can use engineering, project management, and client-mandated guidelines and typicals to produce a defined and accurate representation of how much workspace is needed on any given area along the pipeline route. In addition, we can use multiple datasets at once (imagery, parcel records, survey and environmental data) to verify that there are not any unseen issues with the workspace placement.

Workspaces can be efficiently updated any time the centerline is changed. Once workspaces have been approved by the design engineer, the GIS group can perform further analyses. As an added precaution, GIS analysts also perform quality checks and assurances on workspaces created by third-party vendors. This ensures that workspaces are always accurate and up to date.

Workspace Capabilities

  • Build and maintain:
    • Permanent easement
    • Temporary workspace
    • Additional temporary workspace
  • Various workspace calculations:
    • Additional temporary workspace dimensions
    • Acreage impacts
  • Verify existing workspaces
  • Maintain records of workspace changes

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