Crude Oil Terminal, 49 CFR 195

Construction Assurance

Minimize Delays on Commercial Projects & Prepare for the Transition to Operations

Our team of pipeline construction, operations, maintenance and integrity subject matter experts provide clients with assurance through review and support from before commercial projects are Issued for Construction through commissioning and hand-over to operations. The PCS SME's possess expert knowledge from careers in both midstream operations and on "green field" projects for both interstate and intrastate systems.

Pipeline Engineering & Design Basis

Design Basis Review

Providing expertise of 49 CFR 192 & 49 CFR 195 before the project is issued for construction to ensure design standards meet D.O.T. / PHMSA requirements, identify over-engineering to the code, minimize potential regulatory delays, and review the design basis to company operational standards.
GIS Pipeline Route Selection

Route Selection

Understanding the impact route selection has throughout the life of the asset and into operations, maintenance an inspection requirements, as they apply to pipeline integrity management (49 CFR 192, Subpart O & 49 CFR 195.452) can dictate operational expenditures for years to come. Our team provides review and analysis to limit this exposure once the pipeline is commissioned.

OQ Verification

Field Compliance Management

We dedicate a subject matter expert (SME) to oversee activities in the field, to review compliance with D.O.T. Design & Construction regulations by inspectors, records collection and OQ. Our field compliance manager also works with the Project Managers throughout the construction process to minimize delays and provides compliance insight to critical decisions in the field.

For end-to-end construction assurance, pair with PCS ® Inspection and our Traceability Solutions.

PHMSA & Texas RRC Audit Liaison

Regulatory Audit Lead

We regularly provide compliance expertise, prepare documentation and interface on behalf of the operator during PHMSA audits and inspections, to minimize regulatory delays.

Top Projects

Our team continually supports and partners with our clients to understand and meet D.O.T. regulatory requirements, as well as, specialty and transaction due diligence projects.

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Commissioning & Operations Hand-over

When commercial projects are delivered to operations without construction assurance oversight throughout the project, there can be a compounding risk to system operations, maintenance and the integrity of the pipeline.  Our team manages the process with operations in mind, so the design basis, records and as-built system fits into the company's:  O&M, leak detection, corrosion, and integrity management practices. 


Records Migration for Operations

Collect and organize all records utilized by operations team, per company’s DOT Records Retention Matrix, such as: hydrostatic test records, MOP / MAOP calculations, welder qualifications and material specifications.


PHMSA Registration & Notifications

Apply and assign new OPID number, if applicable, and file required notifications through PHMSA registry.


D.O.T. Program Implementation

Manage updating, or creation of, operations and maintenance programs per 49 CFR 192 and 49 CFR 195 requirements for the new asset.


Inspection Program Integration

Integrate all D.O.T.-regulated equipment, or as specified by O&M programs, into Equipment Inspection Schedule, such as: mainline valves and rectifiers.

Correctly transitioning a new system into your current operations, or developing the operational resources, are critical to managing compliance and controlling operational expenditures.
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