Traceability & Records Management

Pipeline Professionals Integrating Advanced Software

Our Traceability & Records Management (TRM) group develops & implements leading-edge solutions to: meet expanding regulatory requirements, support project manager demands, provide operational & field resources.  

The PCS Construction Automated Tracking System (C.A.T.S.®) is a proprietary material traceability system that utilizes electronic data capture to drive the creation of a detailed and searchable database comprising project documents, drawings and reports.

Industry’s Advanced & Effective Material Traceability & Compliance Solution

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Operator Assurance

The success of C.A.T.S. ® & Epilogue ® derives from our innovative technology, the dedication & knowledge of our pipeline professionals, and most importantly, the lessons-learned implementing our solutions, since 1996. Providing operators assurance their records are:

Capturing data & records at the source while monitoring progression through commercial projects & operations.

Ensuring records' source & data are accurate and uncompromised throughout record life.

Capturing, reviewing & storing complex data sets & records for availability throughout asset life-cycle.

C.A.T.S. ® and Epilogue were developed to assist operators meet or exceed regulatory requirements developed by PHMSA, BSEE, USCG and state agencies to meet & exceed:49 CFR 191192, 193194, 195, 199, 30 CFR 250, and industry standards.  Specifically applicable to PHMSA's issuance of Advisory Bulletin ADB-2012-06, Pipeline Safety: Verification of Records.

Pipeline & Traceability Solutions

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Our innovative technology solutions are built around integrating our decades of pipeline experience with escalating traceability and records management needs.

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