Crude Oil Terminal, 49 CFR 195

Preliminary Asset & Risk Assessment

Pre-Due Diligence & Deal Scoping

Through the initial phase of identifying a potential acquisition, or recent notice of an asset purchase offering, our team of operational and regulatory experts can provide a preliminary assessment of an oil and gas asset, or operator, outside of engaging the seller.

We provide thorough assessment into critical factors in purchasing midstream assets, underlined with our expert knowledge and understanding of federal & state regulations, to minimize risk to purchasing parties.

Regulatory & Jurisdiction Review

Our transaction group conducts an analysis of applicable regulations, agencies and any other regional / local jurisdiction to evaluate operational  compliance record against.
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Compliance Record Review

We examine an operators compliance activity, system composition and asset conditions via all accessible data (no engagement with operator necessary).  This analysis provides the first detailed look at one, or many, assets and the means they have been operated .

Potential Risk Analysis

Our preliminary asset and risk assessment report will outline critical information on the asset(s), its jurisdiction and any initial findings that may impact your offering.


Know the Operational Risks Prior to Engagement

Our initial review can identify critical information for your executive team to utilize during the transaction evaluation, or when determining an offer.

Transitioning to Due Diligence Phase


As you proceed further into the transaction, we easiliy transition into the more detailed analysis of the asset(s), including: data room & records review, compliance management systems review, and various other critical assessment activities.


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Our team experts have been involved on many acquisition, divestment and deal scoping projects, providing critical knowledge and the operational and regulatory expertise.

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Supporting All Stakeholders

As our goal to assist operators, capital investors and M&A consultants in facilitating midstream transactions through our pipeline operations expertise, we help identify or prepare critical information for operators to execute the transaction.

Facility Operations Personnel

Acquiring Operators

Due diligence assessment, preparation for "Day-1" operations, transition management, records transfer & supporting integration into current operations.
Refined Products Terminal

Divesting Operators

Prepare critical operations information to maximize value, organize life-of-facility records transfer, CIM section development & technical advisory.
Gulf of Mexico, Offshore Platform

Equity Partners

Due diligence assessments, Regulatory OPEX development & technical advisory.
Natural Gas Pipeline Aboveground Valve

Merger & Acquisition Firms

Technical advisory on regulatory & pipeline operations to financial & legal consultants, specializing in Oil & Gas M&A deals.

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