Crude Oil Terminal, 49 CFR 195

Asset Due Diligence

Project leadership & technical expertise from Confidential Information Memorandum preparation to Day “1” Cutover.

We possess the experience of leading dozens of pipeline, terminal & refinery transactions, exceeding $5 Billion. Our team can assist you in navigating regulatory requirements; cost implications; permit transition; records transfer & facilitating the asset to be operational & compliant on Day-1.

We provide thorough assessments, as an external third-party, into critical factors in purchasing midstream assets underlined with our expert knowledge and understanding of federal & state regulations, to minimize risk to purchasing parties & prepare for Day “1” integration.

The complexity of oil & gas transactions demands expert level understanding in numerous disciplines, leadership experience and support team to coordinate and execute.

  • Regulatory & Jurisdiction Assessment
  • Compliance & Management Systems Assessment
  • Data Room & Records Review
  • Permits Assessment
  • OPEX Review & Outlook
  • Transitional Planning & Coordination

PCS Subject Matter Experts possess intimate knowledge and understanding of oil and gas operations - to give you a complete view of the asset(s).

Know What You’re Buying

Case:  Acquiring operator purchased pipeline system with understanding system was exempt from Federal D.O.T. requirements, per seller operations, & all permits were transferred.  Upon post-sale analysis - this pipeline system is subject to comply with all subparts of 49 CFR 195 & COE permits remained outstanding in seller name. 

These situations can be common, and pose liability & financial risk on both parties.

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Our team experts have been involved on many acquisition, divestment and deal scoping projects, providing critical knowledge and the operational and regulatory expertise.

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Supporting All Stakeholders

As our goal to assist operators, capital investors and M&A consultants in facilitating midstream transactions through our pipeline operations expertise, we help identify or prepare critical information for operators to execute the transaction.

Facility Operations Personnel

Acquiring Operators

Due diligence assessment, preparation for "Day-1" operations, transition management, records transfer & supporting integration into current operations.
Refined Products Terminal

Divesting Operators

Prepare critical operations information to maximize value, organize life-of-facility records transfer, CIM section development & technical advisory.
Gulf of Mexico, Offshore Platform

Equity Partners

Due diligence assessments, Regulatory OPEX development & technical advisory.
Natural Gas Pipeline Aboveground Valve

Merger & Acquisition Firms

Technical advisory on regulatory & pipeline operations to financial & legal consultants, specializing in Oil & Gas M&A deals.

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