Crude Oil Terminal, 49 CFR 195

Operations Transition

Preparing New & Existing Operators for "Day 1"

During the transaction closing phase, and through the first 3-6 months of ownership we prepare the resources for the operational group to assume the asset(s).

Led by our team of senior-level, subject matter experts we provide direction & support to onshore & offshore operators, we support clients by assisting them in implementation and management of their operations and maintenance programs, processes, documentation & reporting.

Providing assistance & support in integrating, developing, maintaining & executing: internal programs, processes & procedures to meet, & exceed, compliance standards from various federal & state regulatory agencies. 

Compliance Management

The compliance & integrity team works as a close partner to with our clients to provide the discipline expertise, implement and manage the resources that are required to maintain compliance.
49 CFR 191 | 49 CFR 192 | 49 CFR 194 | 49 CFR 199

PHMSA Liaison

All operators are, or eventually will be, inspected by PHMSA - we help our clients get through this process and manage any identified gaps.

PHMSA Reporting

Guidance & assistance in filing annual reports, NPMS submittals & state filings.

Jurisdictional Analysis

Identify applicable regulations to your pipeline system(s) & methods to meet these requirements.

Program & Systems Implementation

Developing or purchasing a manual is only part of the process, let our team help implement and customize your D.O.T.-required manuals to meet how your company operates.


Fit-for-Purpose Support

Start-Up | Quarterly | Agency Action Remediation & Incident Support

We offer varying levels of support as needs of specialized and qualified personnel range per operation. To fit operational needs and budget, our Subject Matter Experts can be supplied from 2-4 weeks per quarter to support compliant operations, coordinate integrity activities and prepare agency communications.

Top Projects

Our team experts have been involved on many acquisition, divestment and deal scoping projects, providing critical knowledge and the operational and regulatory expertise.

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Operations & Compliance Resources

Providing assistance & support in developing, maintaining & executing: internal programs, processes & procedures to meet, & exceed, compliance standards from various federal & state regulatory agencies. For established operators, we assist in identifying gaps within their systems, processes, documentation & reporting, while providing subject matter expertise to enhance or amend their operations, maintenance and compliance systems.


Compliance Team Site

Organization and access of compliance activities and records subject to PHMSA oversight through a cloud-based solution to be customized and configured within your organization's cloud.


Programs & Manuals

Development or review of Operations & Maintenance programs, and the associated programs and plans, such as: Integrity Management, Control Room Management, Public Awareness and Operator Qualification (OQ).


Activities & Forms

Linked to programs and procedures, we assist implementation of compliance-related inspections, maintenance activities and correlating documentation processes, or forms, that meet D.O.T. requirements, as well as, any corporate standards that fit your operation.


Specifications & Standards

Development of standardized methods, materials and requirements for operators and contractors to meet regulatory requirements.

All the maintenance, inspection, reporting and records management resources, to demonstrate your committment to safe and compliant operations.
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