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An Industry Leader in Engineering, Construction & Project Management

Natural Gas  

Natural Gas Station - Permian Basin
Natural Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNGs)

Connecting to natural gas pipeline systems & engineering new-builds, our portfolio of natural gas projects span from flowline design to complex cross-continental transmission lines & LNG export terminals. 

Hazardous Liquids

Crude Oil Terminal Pipeline Construction
Crude, NGL's, HVL's, Refined Products

Specializing in large diameter (30" to over 42") interstate & Gulf of Mexico transmission pipelines, meter & pump stations, to transport raw crude from the wellhead to refineries & refined products to storage terminals.


CO2 Transmission Pipeline in Louisiana
Carbon Dioxide Transmission

Engineering & project management of complex CO2 pipeline & compressor systems to transport gas between storage facilities & processing plants.


Over the years we have expanded our scope of services through client requests & expanding our team with extended capabilities.


Pipeline Lowering in Trench
Onshore Pipelines, Facilities & Stations
Design, construction & project management of 1,000's of miles of transmission pipelines, gathering systems & flowlines with a proven record of design integrity & support.


Gulf of Mexico S-Lay Pipe Lowering off Vessel
Gulf of Mexico, International Projects & Specialty Projects
Originally founded in offshore engineering, our services have extended worldwide to connect E&P platforms to offshore pipeline systems & export terminals.  Our project scope spans the Gulf of Mexico (GOM), Pacific & Atlantic Coasts, Alaska, Indonesia, & Africa.


Deepwater Platform Lowering Equipment
Deepwater & Ultra-deepwater
Installation & design engineering for pipelines, risers & platforms to operations extending from over 5,000 ft depths to the GOM shoreline, with each project demanding the highest level of aptitude in deepwater installations.

Terminals & Storage

Rail Loading and Crude Tank Terminal
Tanks, Marine Export Terminals, Rail Terminals
Engineering & project management for commodity transportation through tank farms, rail loading terminals, and export terminals, connecting transmission pipelines, trunk lines, & gathering systems.  We are a premier provider for LNG marine terminals throughout North America, completing multiple projects in the Gulf of Mexico, Canada & the Northeast US.

PCS is a North American-based company with Worldwide Project Experience.


Engineering, Design & Construction Specialists for pipeline & facility installations.
Project Management
Project Management services and consultation for any or all phases of a project.
Construction Management
Capital projects leadership & controls to manage materials, contractors & records.
Onshore & offshore inspectors: pipeline welding, safety, coating, utility.
Regulatory Permitting & Environmental Services
Permitting, Pipeline Routing, Project Management, Ecological Surveys, Mitigation & Inspection.
Traceability & Records Management
Traceable, verifiable & complete records management.
Compliance & Integrity
Partnered support to maintain operational integrity & exceed regulatory standards.
Pipeline routing, data management, spatial analysis, & project team support.
Alternative Energy
Developing energy production methods in Geothermal, Onshore Wind & Offshore Wind.
Asset Transaction Services
Acquisition & divestment project management & support for "Day-1".
Technical Business Consulting
Technical expertise for understanding aspects impacting strategic business decisions.