Green Pipeline

314 Mile CO2 Pipeline with 72 HDD's including two longer than 5,000 feet

24-inch pipeline approximately 320 miles in length designed using X-80 grade steel and transporting approximately 800 MMscf / day of CO2.

Major Water Body Crossings:  Atchafalaya River, Sabine RIver, Galveston Bay & Atchafalaya Swamp.

PCS Scope of Work

PCS provided comprehensive project management, design and inspection for this project which entailed specific tasks such as route selection, engineering, drafting, horizontal directional drill (HDD) design, procurement management, material traceability utilizing our Construction Automated Tracking System (C.A.T.S.®), contract management, environmental support, project controls, scheduling, document controls and the development of as-built drawings and comprehensive data books. 

This project included over 72 HDD's including two longer than 5,000 feet.


Length:314 Mile
Location:Louisiana & Texas