C.A.T.S. by PCS Barcode Traceability

C.A.T.S. ®

Construction Automated Tracking System

Our proprietary material traceability system provides clients with a complete and usable database of material, design, inspection and testing records through pipeline construction and operation.

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The Process

CATS Process Flowchart

Utilizing electronic data capture and a geospatial barcode scanning system, we trace materials and gather project documentation at the various supply, construction and testing checkpoints for each individual asset.  Each document, design drawing, inspection report is able to be reviewed by a pipeline professional on the PCS team to verify its completion before depositing into the database. We compare 7 key metrics with 3 data sources to get you 1 traceable pipeline.

The process is coordinated by PCS traceability experts overseeing existing project personnel such as inspectors, surveyors or NDE Technicians capturing material traceability data as part of their existing project roles.  By simply supporting the existing project team with traceability technology and expertise, PCS is able to deliver all necessary documentation and records from the mill through construction in a cost effective manner.

Unparalleled Experience

C.A.T.S. Pipeline Traceability Data Collection Stages

PCS has defined Pipeline Material Traceability for two decades. All of our C.A.T.S.® Technicians have been through a rigorous Certification process built through lessons learned over the years to ensure you get the highest quality product, because accuracy counts.

C.A.T.S. Pipeline Constrution Automation Tracking System


State-of-the-Art Barcodes
Full Offline Functionality
Pup (Cut Pipe) Traceability
Handheld Data Alerts
Project Progress Reporting
Survey Data Comparisons
Experienced Traceability Professionals
GPS Point Capture
Hydrotested Pipe Tracking
Surplus Pipe Tracking
Inventory Tally Reporting
Integration with Epilogue
Data Uploads
Data Verification
Support Team


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The Deliverable

A verified, organized, searchable and complete database of critical design, construction, testing and material records. A subset of data managed and delivered includes:

  • Serial Number
  • Mill Unique Number (MUN)
  • Heat Number
  • Joint Number
  • Weld Type
  • Welder ID
  • NDE Reader Sheets
  • Survey Data / As-Built Information
  • Specifications & Procedures
  • Inspection Records
  • Hydrotest Reports
 Epilogue - Pipeline Document Management System  

An Integrated Platform

Epilogue® serves as an integration hub for all of your pipeline asset data and documentation. During construction, Mobile Inspection FormsTM can streamline the full inspection reporting process and turn this large data set into actionable insights and predictive analytics visualized through dashboards in Epilogue®. Before and during construction, C.A.T.S.® manages asset-level material traceability data that can be integrated with an advanced GIS platform and Asset Data Summary within Epilogue®.

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