Here's the Missing Piece. Don't Build Without It.

Ensure you have the right materials in the right places when you need them.

  • Material Inventories
  • Material Traceability                                
  • End-To-End Field Services
  • Survey Data Audits                                 
  • Mitigate Transcription Errors
  • Self-Service Reports & Dashboards 

Data-Driven Materials Management


What. Where. Now.

  • Manage purchase order (PO) fulfillment
  • Manage warehouse & yard inventory
  • Track items through the supply chain


Data-Driven Traceability Assurance

Proof of Material Quality

  • Joint and asset-level material data
  • Traceability from manufacturing through installation
  • Veteran traceability team and expertise

Location Data


There You Are.

  • See last known location of every asset
  • Access asset documentation with a click
  • Search for specific assets using a map

Unparalleled Experience

  • Regulatory / PHMSA audit assistance
  • Most fully traceable miles of pipeline


Modules to Extend C.A.T.S.®




C.A.T.S.® is your Construction Automated Tracking System



An Integrated Solution

Epilogue® serves as an integration platform for all of your pipeline asset data and documentation. During construction, Mobile Inspection FormsTM can streamline the full inspection reporting process.  This large data set is turned into actionable insights and predictive analytics visualized through dashboards in Epilogue®. Before and during construction, C.A.T.S.® manages material inventory and traceability data. This asset-level data can be integrated with an advanced GIS platform and Asset Data Summary within Epilogue ®.


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