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Mobile Inspection FormsTM is a modern platform for pipeline and facilities construction that simplifies the collection, approval, submission, and aggregation of inspection data. This mobile app facilitates fast, validated data collection and increases ease of access to project information for everyone from the field to senior management.  

PCS® has provided mobile data collection since 1996, gathering data from remote field locations and adding value and insight with our teams of experienced professionals.  Mobile Inspection FormsTM is the latest expansion in mobile data collection, expanding the effort to capture accurate data that drives decisions throughout construction. 

This data contributes to the set of traceable, verifiable, and complete records of pipeline and facility construction. 

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PCS Inspection

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PCS Pipeline Inspection Team

Our inspection team has experience in many onshore & offshore pipeline installation projects, directional drills, river crossings, metering facilities, pressure vessels, and interconnect piping performing instrumentation, welding, coating, and electrical inspections. Mobile Inspection Forms is now included with PCS® Inspection, making our teams more advanced, connected, and effective than ever.

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PCS Featured in Pipeline & Gas Journal

PCS Featured in Pipeline & Gas Journal
"Recordkeeping increasingly is the linchpin for the safe, reliable construction and operation of energy pipeline systems. In both the aftermath of natural gas pipeline incidents and in the attempts to develop a more sophisticated safety culture that employs technology advances to expand preventive maintenance, accurate, up-to-date and accessible inspection records are a risk-management necessity. This has required a technology and a mindset transformation of sorts for the oil and gas industry..." read the full article
 Epilogue - Pipeline Document Management System  

An Integrated Platform

Epilogue® serves as an integration hub for all of your pipeline asset data and documentation. During construction, Mobile Inspection FormsTM can streamline the full inspection reporting process and turn this large data set into actionable insights and predictive analytics visualized through dashboards in Epilogue®. Before and during construction, C.A.T.S.® manages asset-level material traceability data that can be integrated with an advanced GIS platform and Asset Data Summary within Epilogue®.

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