Field Intelligence. At Your Fingertips.

Powerful Field Data Collection | Powered by GoFormz

  • Tablet-Based Inspection Reports
  • Reference Documentation on Tablets
  • Access to Digital Data from Forms
  • Automated Reporting Repository
  • Project Progress Dashboards
  • Approvals & Anomaly Detection

Forms the Field Loves



  • Intuitive tablet forms
  • Data validations Contextual auto-filled fields 
  • Automated submission and approval process

Data the Office Needs

  • Daily progress reporting dashboards 
  • Data analysis platform with export
  • Project completion predictions
  • Required fields mitigate incomplete reports
  • Form validations promote accurate data

Photos to Save the Day


  • See photos by date and user
  • Find photos by station numbers
  • Photos linked to original inspection report
  • Annotate photos and search via original report comments


Modules for Your Inspection Needs






An Integrated Solution

Epilogue® serves as an integration platform for all of your pipeline asset data and documentation. During construction, Mobile Inspection FormsTM can streamline the full inspection reporting process.  This large data set is turned into actionable insights and predictive analytics visualized through dashboards in Epilogue®. Before and during construction, C.A.T.S.® manages material inventory and traceability data. This asset-level data can be integrated with an advanced GIS platform and Asset Data Summary within Epilogue ®.


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