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A Leader in CO2 Infrastructure Projects

CO2 capture and sequestration provides unique technical challenges. With nearly 600 miles of CO2 lines installed, PCS® has expertise in design, material selection, weld processes & procedures, routing, permitting, metering, inspection, materials traceability, and records management.

Asset Life Cycle Timeline


Carbon Reduction & Sustainability Projects

PCS® has a team of engineering, regulatory and project management professionals with years of experience working on renewables infrastructure and transmission projects, and we are here to help you navigate the complexities from concepts to operations.

  • Project Concept Development
  • Risk Analysis
  • Contracts
  • Regulatory Advisory
  • 45Q Compliance & Verification
  • Carbon Program Development Training
Design Services
  • Site Selection & Development
  • Economic Cost Benefit
  • Total Install Cost (TIC)
  • Routing & Cost Analysis
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Emissions Capture Equipment Selection
  • Compression & Process Equipment
  • Flow Modeling & System Design
  • Pipeline Design
Regulatory & Permitting
  • Permit Identification
  • Project Permit Matrix
  • Economic & Schedule Impact Analysis
  • Regulatory Agency Interface
  • Route Optimization (Pipeline)
  • Class 6 Wells
Project Management & Owner's Engineering Services
  • Front-end Engineering & Design (FEED)
  • Site Development & Routing (GIS)
  • Contractor Bid Management
  • Construction Management
  • Permitting & Environmental Services
  • Compliance Management

Featured Projects

Delta Express Pipeline
Delta Express Pipeline
78 miles of 24" pipeline and 3 miles of 16" pipeline with over 26 HDD's including crossings of the Mississippi and Yazoo Rivers.
Green Pipeline
Green Pipeline
24" X-80 grade steel pipeline approximately 314 miles in length transporting approximately 800 MMscf / day of CO2.
Jackson Dome Laterals
Jackson Dome Laterals
Development of twelve pipeline laterals totaling 47.3 miles of 6" to 20" pipelines.
Kemper Line
Kemper Line
61 mile, 16-inch O.D. sequestration line designed to transport CO2
TCV Pipeline
TCV Pipeline
81 mile, 12-inch O.D. sequestration line designed to transport CO2 captured by a post combustion carbon capture system.

Need auditable proof for your carbon reduction projects?

C-Sys Carbon Reduction System

C-Sys is tailored toward providing a systematic approach to achieve Carbon Neutrality (Net Zero) with automated annual verification and carbon reduction tracking metrics.

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Over 30 Years of Excellence.

PCS was founded on March 1, 1992. 25 years later, Gary Vogt (founder) and Dwayne Templet (an original PCS engineer) tell the story of the earliest of days at PCS.

Our success stems from our innovative staff that understands successful partnerships with our clients depend on our ability to manage each project from the clients' perspective and on consistently delivering beyond expectations. Your project is our priority.

PCS’s foundation is rooted in offshore engineering and consulting services, contributing to the installation of major projects, including: deepwater, Gulf of Mexico, international development and pipelines off North America, Africa and the Far East. Over the past decade, we have also moved onshore to complete numerous transmission, gathering and specialty projects, consisting of thousands of miles of pipeline installations.